CoMM C: Transitioning from a Straight Path to a Simple Bend

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CoMM C: Transitioning from a Straight Path to a Simple Bend

Postby David W » 05 Oct 2018, 23:59

This is a place where we can start to talk about one of our Cornering techniques.

Suppose you are riding in balanced fashion down a straight path. At the end of that straight is a bend in the road, a bend that you are familiar with.

That bend is of the simple type in that it has both a definite inside and an outer side. It is more like a "C" curve than, for example, an "S" curve. You can even think of that curve as part of a circle, and assume that you plan to go round that circular path in balanced fashion at a fairly constant speed that you have chosen. (You can also assume, if you want, that your chosen speed is low enough so that you have no need to change your body posture, or your position in the saddle, while negotiating this corner.)

Describe, if you will, how you transition your bike from that straight path so that it ends up rounding that curve in balanced fashion.

Some words that might be useful to you in your description are contained in the nearby tread called CoMM B and C: The Terminology of Turning and Balancing on page .

A balancing technique that I plan to use in my description is contained in the nearby thread CoMM B: Doing Basic Bike Balancing using the Minimal Method. (Maybe you will find it useful in your description; see page for it.)

Finally, assume that the simple curve described ends by becoming another straight path. We can discuss at a later time how we transition from that curved path to that other, second straight path.
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